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Browsing for low heeled shoes on the internet I came across a unique and fun styled slingback. This Balenciaga shoe is named Knife Chemise 40 Slingback. The composition is soft nappa lambskin and stripe poplin (cotton and polyester.)

The striking feature is the shirt sleeves that are knotted on the top of the shoe. The shoe is white and the stripe is navy. The link is here:

Priced at $1,150, it also comes in solid black. Either option would be a great addition to an updated shoe wardrobe. The white pair means summer and the black pair would make for a fabulous monotone look for black outfits.

Last month, in one of my blog posts: “Spring Handbags – A Few Favorites” I included the Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie bag. This top handle printed lambskin bag looks like a cotton shirt with knotted sleeves. The link is here:

Priced at $3,000 when wearing it, keep your clothes to the basics and make this Mini Jodie bag the focal point of your outfit.

It is interesting seeing both Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta embracing the knotted shirt in their designs. How did the knotted shirt become a design theme for both? Do you think it will be a theme for other designers, both luxury and lower priced brands?

  • Writer's picturePamela Tucker

Steve Madden's “Slinky” slide shoe was a popular style in the 1990's through the early 2000's. The Slinky was probably worn by many for years after that! The black platform shoe with a stretchy fabric running across the top of the foot became an icon. I had a pair, loved them, wore them often and since then wear Steve Madden shoes from time to time.


The Steven brand manufactured by Steve Madden was another brand I liked back then. At the time I thought this brand was positioned to be more upscale than Steve Madden. Yet, today I believe Steven is sold at off-price stores such as Nordstrom Rack and Gilt and has the name Steven New York associated with it. I don’t know if this is an ongoing brand and manufactured for the off-price distribution channel or it is being eliminated. My research hasn’t turned up anything about this name.


I recall favoring the “Steven” brand as one day in 2000 I unexpectedly met Steve Madden. I was staying at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel in South Beach. While in the lobby picking up a newspaper and a few goodies and with my head down I heard a voice ask me “What brand shoes are you wearing?” I looked up and answered “The Steven brand by Steve Madden” The person asking immediately went to shake my hand and said “I’m Steve Madden.” We had a brief conversation and I then ran to tell my friend about the nice surprise in the lobby!


The iconic black Slinky has been back for some time. About five years ago it was re-introduced for a time in collaboration with Urban Outfitters, with it being available in black, pink, and green. Another reintroduction is the Slinky 30. I do not recall when it joined the line-up and it seems to enjoy wide ranging demand. It is available on Amazon in nine colors, a few options are listed on and stores such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s sell it as well.


The Mary Jane style (A shoe with a strap across the top) shoes are popular for Spring 2024. Offered season after season, they are a classic. The surge in popularity in 2024 is because they are available in a range of fabrications, such as sheer, metallic, embellished and even with multi straps and sling backs. There is also an assortment of heights, ranging from flats, which are the most popular to those with heels. (e.g. Christian Louboutin offers a Mary Jane with a double strap and a two-inch heel and Manolo Blahnik offers a Mary Jane pump with a heel over three inches.)


I do not like the Mary Jane style for myself, the leading reasons being they typically have a round toe (I favor pointed toes) and I do not like straps across my feet. However, wanting to step up and join the trend, I searched and found a lovely interpretation. I recently purchased the Steve Madden Sarella style, a flat shown here in black leather. Please refer to top photo and photo below. I love the scrunch detail and pointed toes. Another favorite aspect is the thin tie strap across the top.

Fashionistas might point out this shoe is not a true Mary Jane as it lacks a wider strap. But it does have a strap across the top. It is amazing!  Sarella is also available in silver leather. Check them out here: 


The Steve Madden brand is fast and right on the mark with identifying footwear trends and quickly arranges manufacturing (I believe this is so; but I do not have any insights into the Company’s business strategy and operations.) allowing shoppers to enjoy fresh styles, feel good and buy trending footwear at a reasonable price.

The Company is customer focused, not only at the corporate level, but also in the stores it operates. Each time I visit a Steve Madden store I am always impressed with the employees’ friendliness, patience and professionalism.


I don’t know if I will bump into Steve Madden while wearing these new shoes. If that should happen, I’d be glad telling him I’m wearing the Steve Madden brand and the Sarella style!

The word elevate and forms of it such as elevating and elevated are words I've been seeing frequently in fashion marketing, advertising and in articles. Maybe these have been the leading words for promoting fashion and only recently the continual use of these words caught my attention. Since elevate and the forms of it are now commonplace, for me they don't mean anything special. I've learned that anything related to fashion is being elevated!

Below are examples:

Elevated luxury fashion

Elevated fashion with celebrities

Elevated fashion for a particular season

Elevate with a specific piece of clothing

Elevate an entire wardrobe

Elevate with colors

Elevate accessories

Elevate your beauty

Elevate is for men and children too

Elevate your home

Have you noticed the increased use of elevated? Do you believe it is overused?

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