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A big shout out of thanks to the kind sales associate at the Robert Marc NYC store located at 782 Madison Avenue.

By habit I wear sunglasses in the sunshine, rain and even when it is snowing. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to sufficiently clean the lenses. I’ve tried a number of cleaning methods, cleaning products and also my own home made solutions but have not been not successful. So I’ve gotten used to wearing dirty lenses; but it is annoying.

On the way to a dental appointment the other day walked by a Robert Marc NYC location (one of about 6 located in NYC) to see if it sold an eyeglass cleaner. Once buzzed in by the sales associate, I explained my issue. He was friendly and attentive and explained that although the store does not sell cleaning products there are ways to nicely clean the lenses. He then offered to clean my sunglasses and did a great job. Wow! What a difference. He also gave me a wrapped microfiber cloth to take care of my glasses.

One might wonder why I'm posting a retail experience that took just a few minutes and might not be all that meaningful or memorable. For me this was a super experience. I had a problem and it was solved. There wasn't any selling involved, the sales associate was a good listener and professional. I do not wear prescription glasses. However I'll be sharing this great experience with my friends and if I ever need to buy prescription glasses I'll be returning to Robert Marc NYC at 782 Madison Avenue in NYC to buy those glasses.

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  • Pamela Tucker

As noted in previous posts, though focusing on

reselling only during the weekends and just a few hours in the evening during the week, I'm intrigued by it. Not only am I decluttering, which was my main goal for trying to sell on the different reselling platforms, but I've also ended up setting other goals. I reached one of these goals last week.

Last week I became a Poshmark Ambassador! #Poshmark makes it clear what the requirements are for becoming a Posh Ambassador so I had been working on meeting the requirements. There are some benefits being a Posh Ambassador. For instance, I've noticed I've gotten new followers in recent days, many more than on pre Ambassador days. These followers are new to Poshmark. Hoping it will encourage them to post and stay with Poshmark, I've followed them back.

One of the requirements for reaching the Ambassador status is having 50 items for sale. That was a big hurdle for me. I've easily more than 50 items I'd like to declutter. However, it took me time to pick them out. I considered how easy - or difficult each is to photograph, describe, package and ship. Now there are 55+ items to sell and will be working on adding to my Poshmark closet. Stay tuned!

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In just a few days it will be Amazon Prime Day (July 12th and 13th). I've been an Amazon Prime Member for a number of years and heavily relied on it during the pandemic. There have been plenty of articles and blog posts written about deals and deep discounts to lock into today, even before Prime Day officially starts. I haven't bought anything pre Prime Day and so far haven't eyed anything to buy when it officially takes place. That might be changing.

I was reminded about Prime Day two days ago when I shopped at Whole Foods. After I showed my Prime Membership via my iphone to the cashier and paid, the cashier thanked me for being a Prime Member and gave me a cute green mini zip top tote bag. (Tote bag is in the background of photo.) The goodies in the bag are shown below. Several coupons were also included. The vendors of these products probably pay to have these items included in the bags. Yet, this is a good way to have potential customers try these products as they might not be inclined to buy them right now.

It was a nice surprise to leave Whole Foods with a bag of stuff I didn't pay for! Now it is time to get myself primed for Amazon Prime Day.

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