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Last week during New York Fashion Week I was invited to a Mulberry event at the New York City Nordstrom store. It was enjoyable creating a custom fit and personalized leather bracelet.


Seated on the store’s second floor with a few other guests at a table with a range of tools and boards, two professional and eager to help Mulberry artisans who work in the Company’s Somerset, UK Atelier guided us to create a fabulous bracelet.


The first step, choosing the color was tricky as all the choices were beautiful. I opted for a neutral shade. After that we used the tools to set the hole, placed it on our wrists for a custom fit, banged away and set the hardware in place. The last step was placing the monogram on the leather.  


In addition to this being an engaging event, it showed Mulberry’s commitment to circularity. The leather used is called an “offcut” which is a waste material that can be reused or recycled. In this case it created a lovely finished product.


The Made to Last section of the Mulberry website is a straightforward and an extensive description of the Company’s commitment to sustainability. As it is the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the UK (according to the website) the Company’s efforts could be impressive over the long term.


With my interest in luxury resale, the website’s Pre-Loved section caught my attention and I explored further. It was comforting reading the pre-loved bags “have been expertly authenticated and by highly skilled artisans in our Somerset Atelier." Authentication is the most important aspect of luxury resale as it creates trust. The website has just a few dozen

handbags listed and this could be a growing segment for the Company.  I’ll be keeping my eye in this.


I’m glad to have been part of this engaging event. Not only did I find my perfect Mulberry bracelet at Nordstrom, I created it.


Maybe during the next New York Fashion Week Mulberry and Nordstrom will have an event to take it to the next level and work with us to create a personalized handbag!





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