• Pamela Tucker

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

July 6th starts Phase 3 re-opening for New York City. Though still be spending most of my time at home, I'm definitely changing things up for this phase. I'm changing clothes! As I go out, Vince, one of my favorite brands for years will be in the mix. Vince is easy to wear, timeless and based on the high quality fabrics, such as silk, smooth cotton and cashmere it is also elegant. Looking forward to venturing out with Vince. #Vince @Vinceclothing.

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  • Pamela Tucker

Updated: Jan 3

While spending the majority of time at home since March, have realized that comfy clothes have been a calming element. Wore Wilt previously, but as the days at home turned into weeks and then months, concluded I'm wild about Wilt t-shirts! Why? Made of cool cotton, nice draping and launders well. And these are made in the USA. Well done, Wilt! @Wiltclothing

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  • Pamela Tucker

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Victoria Harbor

One of my favorite photos in one of my favorite cities!

Facing Victoria Harbor and looking at Kowloon.

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