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Updated: Mar 14

Are pearls in style now? I’ve seen this question included on fashion websites and in articles during every season for years on end. I think pearls are always in style. Depending on the type of pearls and what outfit the pearls are a part of you can’t go wrong. Pearls are perfect!

The options are endless for embracing pearls in your outfit and could be worn anywhere from head to toe. Don’t over pearl it though! Sticking to one or two pearl items will work just fine.

Starting from the top of the head and working down to the feet, here are a few options. Lele Sadoughi, known for delightful headbands, hats, handbags and jewelry has a number of pieces with faux pearls. This one is the light denim pearl bezel denim knotted headband. Another nice reason for wearing this piece is that is shows off denim, a current (but isn't it always?) fashion trend. The price: $195.

Selecting pearl earrings could be daunting. Yet, I find it fun experimenting with both real and faux pearl earrings along with the range of styles. Mulberry, the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the United Kingdom has an attractive jewelry collection as well and it includes pieces with pearls. These are the Amberley baroque freshwater pearl with gold plated glass earrings. The earrings are also available in silver. The price: $320 There are two Amberley necklaces and the Amberley chunky necklace is a great look!

LAGOS, a favorite brand, and one I previously wrote about offers many pearl pieces. A search on its website shows over 100 pieces with pearls. The assortment includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. You will find something nice with a pearl on the website.

However, scanning Nordstrom’s website the other day I came across this lovely LAGOS necklace. Described as “A sterling silver necklace pops with bubbly Caviar beading and glossy freshwater pearls.” Beautiful! The price: $850

Dresses with pearls is a smashing look. Two recently seen online are posted here. The first one is on the demure side and the second one a little on the bold side -- because it is a mini!. Both stunning! The first, a black pearl trimmed sheath is available at Neiman Marcus is from the brand Rickie Freeman for Teri Jon.

This company has magnificent day to dinner wear and has been operating for over 30 years. The company one of my favorite fashion finds. The price: $540.

The second, is a white minidress is from Cinq à Sept. It is the Joel charm detail bouclé blazer minidress. The charms, which includes pearls are in the front and the back. It is available at Nordstrom. The price: $695.

Handbags with pearls have yet to make it into my wardrobe, with the main reason being either if fake or real pearls it would be too fragile for the way I live. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop me from looking! This Balmain B-Army imitation pearl grocery bag is a leather bag, both inside and outside. Love the detachable coin purse and with a removable gold chain, the bag can be worn several ways. Fantastic! The bag is on the Bloomingdale’s website. The price: $2,450

If feet are the place to flaunt pearls, a pair by Jimmy Choo might be the right choice. These are the Aurelie 65 patent leather pumps. There are three color options, black, latte and ballet pink. A great feature is the heel is about 2.6 inches so that is a walkable heel. (at least for me!) The price: $925.

To put it plainly, wearing pearls makes me feel good. A favorite pearl piece I have is a baroque pearl necklace purchased at Rio Pearl while working in Hong Kong. Rio Pearl, located in Kowloon has an amazing selection of pearl jewelry. Its professional, patient and friendly associates are wonderful to work with helping me to find the perfect pearls.



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