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Nailed It

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

There have been headlines and detailed news articles aplenty about the CPI increasing, a high inflation environment and in a nutshell higher costs for just about everything. According to the U.S. Labor Department, May 2021 showed the largest increase in the CPI since August 2008. (Bonus points for you if you fully understand the CPI.) I've been experiencing increased costs for a growing list of items in recent months.

Therefore today I was pleasantly surprised to see a price decrease. The nail salon I've been going to since salons reopened last spring in New York City had some changes to the price list. Missed going there last week. When it was time to pay I learned the price of a manicure fell from $18 to $15. The price drop puzzled me. In fact I felt I was cheating by paying less than usual so I had to ask if I was charged the right amount. The manicurist told me the lower price is the new price.

This $3 put back in my pocket isn't much. The fact the cost of the manicure dropped is something big. Well maybe not big, but something that stayed with me all day. Have you seen any price drops in recent days?


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