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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

There are thousands of hair care products for a variety of hair needs. Choosing which products such as shampoos, styling products and serums to purchase is confusing and deciding which one to buy is even more challenging as there is a range of ingredients and price points for each product.

Once a reliable hair product is found and loved, it is smooth sailing. For instance, until recently I have been using Oribe's shampoo for beautiful color for quite some time. Every now and then I took a break from it tried other brands such as Christophe Robin and Phyto. After receiving samples of R+Co's Bleu line from Bluemercury, it has become another favorite. The majority of times when I've tried hair care and beauty samples I don't end up buying the product. But in this case I did. A win for the brand and a win for me.

Months ago I went looking to replenish a great hair product manufactured by the brand Living Proof. I had been using the product called body builder as a dry shampoo. Though the product was not labeled or promoted as a dry shampoo I used it that way because it did just what it was called. It built body within my dirty / oily hair. My hair loved body builder. From time to time I tried products in the dry shampoo category. But then went back to Living Proof's body builder. Needing to restock went to quickly pick up several cans at a local store. I didn't see it on the shelf and when I went looking for it on line I could not find it. I contacted Living Proof and was told body builder was discontinued. It gave me the names of a few Living Proof substitute products. I tried them but didn't become a fan of any of them.

Since learning body builder was discontinued I tried about a dozen dry shampoos. None of them measured up to body builder so my search continued. The other day while in my local Sephora, I looked at the store's relatively small hair care section. I came across a collection of hair products manufactured by Vegamour, a vegan products company. I recalled reading about a year ago in Women's Wear Daily that Nicole Kidman became an investor in the Company. I did not remember much more than it was a vegan company.

While in Sephora I read some of the information on a few of the Vegamour products. I bought a shampoo which I have not yet used. I also bought the Vegamour GRO dry shampoo. (Image of product is in this post) It has checked the boxes and worked nicely on my hair and satisfied I won't have to keep searching for a dry shampoo product. I'm open though to try other brands as unsure how long this one will be available!

Impressed with the results I've done some hasty research on Vegamour. It started in 2016 and according to the Los Angeles Business Journal, from 2019 to 2021 revenues grew 1,900%. Based on my light research efforts I see I'm late to the Vegamour brand. The brand sells more than shampoo and related hair care products. It also sells brow and lash serums. It has been the subject of articles in publications and websites such as Vogue, People and Allure to name a few. Vegamour is still new to me. Looking forward to learning more. Have you tried any of this brand's products?

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