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Some Of My Favorite Things

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Home fragrances, especially scented candles have become an important part of my daily life. I've been a perfume wearer since high school and for about a decade my signature scent has been "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder. (Maybe I keep using Beautiful because I receive numerous compliments when wearing it.) Though set in my ways with wearing a certain fragrance, I'm eager to experiment with a range of home fragrances. Simply put candles help me relax and make me feel good. There is lots of reporting regarding the benefits of home fragrance. I've skipped those articles and posts and have been finding that out first hand.

Experimenting with different brands and fragrances is something I look forward to doing. I don't do much research prior to purchasing. To a marketer's delight, most of my purchases are based on just the name of the fragrance, reading what is on the packaging and evaluating the design of the candle.

I've been a lover of the NEST New York brand of candles for quite some time. And I'm partial to their 3 wick candles. A favorite fragrance is Moroccan Amber, which to me is an overpowering scent. Yet there is something delightful about the strong scent that comforts me. Love it! Since I want to experiment with other NEST New York fragrances I've moved on to this scent in the reed diffuser form. There are several Moroccan Amber reed diffusers in my bedroom. A friend of mine told me this scent is not calming and urged me to replace it with a scent such as lavender. I think the recommendation is "nonscence." Use what you like!

Getting back to my practice of not doing research about candle scents prior to purchasing, I have attended a few of NEST New York's live evening shopping nights via the internet hosted by Laura Slatkin, the founder of the company She describes the scents and the types of products such as candles, reed diffusers, misting diffusers and lotions. I've found the sessions a little too much focused on selling. However, I'm unsure a fragrance shopping event could be free from selling and I've concluded these are fabulous events.

At the last NEST New York live shopping event Ms. Slatkin focused on several scents. Subsequent to the event I purchased an autumn plum 3 wick candle. As a side note, I purchase the majority of this brand's products at Bloomingdale's. My initial feeling about this candle was it had a "fake- manufactured"smell and blew out the flame. But when I returned time and again to burning the candle my feelings about it changed. The burning candle gave me a warm feeling and this is now one of my favorites.

In the late summer I became a big fan of the Wild Mint and Eucalyptus scent. (Pictured in the green box). For a few weeks in a row I had to have a 3 week candle of this scent burning in my living room. It might have helped manage my stress! The next NEST New York candle on my agenda is Charcoal Woods (pictured on the grey box). Once that one is finished, I'm going to again try other home fragrance brands. Then-- right after Thanksgiving I'll be lighting anther favorite-- NEST New York's 3 wick Holiday scented candle. This candle really does bring good vibes during the holiday season.

Do you have a favorite home fragrance? What is it? I'd love to hear your recommendations.



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