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Several of my previous blog posts detailed my fascination and efforts with selling on resale

platforms such as The RealReal, Mercari, ThredUp and my frequent go to site for selling, Poshmark. I've been successful selling my unworn or slightly worn clothes, shoes and accessories, such as handbags and jewelry. Due to a full time job the only time I devote to this "side hustle" is on the weekends.

I'm eager to learn about these platforms and to sell on them. However, I'm not a buyer of used items, with leading reasons being I enjoy shopping in a store and like being able to see and try on what I buy.

About two weeks ago while working on transitioning one of my closets for easy access to clothes for warmer weather I came across a number of items that I remembered I liked wearing, and even some of them loved wearing on repeat. Somehow I ended up placing these pieces behind frequently worn clothes. They were forgotten for a few years.

I pulled out three items that ranged, if I recall correctly being purchased anytime between 2015 and 2018. For me, even if the garment is considered a"classic" or a "basic', clothes that I purchased more than two years ago are considered old, maybe almost vintage! I'll still wear them but at times they are placed in my closet and not seen for a while.

The three rediscovered, items, all black included: (1) A blazer/jacket by VINCE. (2) A V neck T-shirt by HELMUT LANG and (3) A pair of slim straight leg pants by EILEEN FISHER. This post shows snapshots of the labels. only. The clothes are not shown as I struggle with taking good photos of black garments. Trust me, the clothes are in very good condition.

The three items I placed back into my rotation have common threads among them including: (1) Simple yet a great design. (2) Comfortable fabrics. (3) Relatively easy to maintain. These are great quality clothes that are perfect for wearing during at least three seasons. VINCE and HELMUT LANG have been key components of my wardrobe for years. EILEEN FISHER-- not so much, but like the clothes and recommend.

Shopping my closet turned out to be a nice trip! I ended up wearing these three items a few times since rediscovering them. I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can pickup when I tackle the next closet!

What brands do you wear season after season and year after year?



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