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Is the term "elevate" losing its impact in the fashion industry?

The word elevate and forms of it such as elevating and elevated are words I've been seeing frequently in fashion marketing, advertising and in articles. Maybe these have been the leading words for promoting fashion and only recently the continual use of these words caught my attention. Since elevate and the forms of it are now commonplace, for me they don't mean anything special. I've learned that anything related to fashion is being elevated!

Below are examples:

Elevated luxury fashion

Elevated fashion with celebrities

Elevated fashion for a particular season

Elevate with a specific piece of clothing

Elevate an entire wardrobe

Elevate with colors

Elevate accessories

Elevate your beauty

Elevate is for men and children too

Elevate your home

Have you noticed the increased use of elevated? Do you believe it is overused?



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