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Updated: Jan 28

With a $50 Nordstrom promotional gift card expiring at the end of this month, I recently went to the New York City Nordstrom store to use it. Fifty dollars doesn't go far. Yet, I was glad to receive it and this amount is a good start for buying something I'd like. Prior to my visit I decided to add about $250 - $300 to this gift card so a wider range of items could be in scope.

Finding comfortable shoes, even sneakers is challenging, so decided this Nordstrom trip would focus on shoes, either booties, flats or sneakers that would feel good on my feet while walking around for hours at a time.

In my April 16, 2023 post, I wrote about buying AGL Monika cap toe ballet flats at Nordstrom. They were a wise purchase as they continue being comfortable during long walks. However, it is handy to have a few more choices in my closet and therefore this visit focused on footwear.

I recalled recently reading either in an email or in a trade publication news article promoting the shoe designer Ron White and Nordstrom so I went looking for that brand's display. I browsed the offerings. I liked that the Ron White booties were light weight., which adds to comfort and a nice walking experience. The booties styles weren't what I had in mind at the time. However, noting how nice the booties felt, I shall consider the brand when buying shoes another time.

While at the display a sales associate approached me, asking if she could assist me. Once I briefed her on my requirements, she suggested to look at Paul Green sneakers. I haven't worn this brand in years and when I did they were shoes, not sneakers. My recollection was they were fine. The sales associate showed me the Paul Green display and told me about some of the features of a few of the sneaker styles. She brought out a few pairs. I loved some of the colors, especially the silver embellished style named: Rachel Sneaker. The fit was awesome and I did not want to take them off! Check them out:

However, I reluctantly decided the metalllic Rachel Sneaker is not practical for winter in New York City. I ended up buying the Hadley Platform Sneaker, a slip on sneaker in basic black leather. Though exceeding my budget, so far these are a great purchase. I wore them for three days in a row and each day walked around five miles in them. On one of these days I didn't need to go that far. But the sneakers were so comfortable I just decided to walk some more! Check them out here:

Sometimes sales associates like to push an item and / or are not interested in a customer's concerns. In other words, their footwear sales approach could be described as "one size fits all." During this shopping trip I was lucky meeting this sales associate. She pointed me in the right direction and I'm happy with the purchase. After telling her how much I liked them and I might like to buy other Paul Green sneakers in the future she suggested we keep in touch. She told me her first name and then wrote her first name and phone number on the receipt.

I'm now off to another long walk in my new Paul Green sneakers!

  • Writer's picturePamela Tucker

When I receive promotional or rewards gift cards from retailers for shopping at their stores, I'm typically slow to redeem them. These cards have expiration dates; yet, I end up waiting until the last days to redeem them, with a preference for using them for a long lasting purchase such as a piece of jewelry or a handbag.

In a post earlier this year I wrote about using rewards cards to buy a pair of fabulous David Yurman pearl and diamond pave earrings at Saks Fifth Avenue. Link to post:

The other day, with the expiration date clock ticking for a few Saks Fifth Avenue rewards cards I went to the Fifth Avenue store with the hope of redeeming them and taking home something special. The cards had a combined value of $1,100 and I was agreeable to add about $250 to find "the" piece of jewelry.

Given the value of the cards I thought earrings would be the first product area to explore. So with a set budget I went to the David Yurman boutique on the second floor. The wait for assistance was long. However, when I was assisted the experience was fantastic and professional. I told the sales associate my budget for this purchase.

Shopping with a budget when looking at David Yurman jewelry s an odd feeling because I love almost everything I see! Yet, I wanted the sales associate to understand my thoughts so neither of us would waste time and look at pieces that would not be considered. Through our back and forth he learned about my David Yurman "collection" accumulated over the years and steered me to several pairs of earrings to examine. A few were above my budget but that was fine too. Was good to see nice designs that could consider next time.

After narrowing the potential choice to two pairs, the clear winner was the Petite Helena Wrap Hoop Earrings, that is shown in this post. The 18K yellow gold wrapping around the silver is a feature I find especially lovely and graceful. The pave diamonds are also stunning.

These earrings are perfect for everyday wear and will also coordinate with my other David Yurman jewelry. When I arrived home and looked at the business card the sales associate gave me, I noticed he is a Brand Ambassador. But most striking it was noted he is a Brand Ambassador with the credential of GIA GG. Next time when buying jewelry is on my mind, I'd shop with this David Yurman Brand Ambassador.

Shopping mission accomplished, with these three features:

  • Earrings - Love them

  • Budget - Met

  • Shopping experience - Excellent

  • Writer's picturePamela Tucker

Updated: Jan 28

It is the end of October; yet, temperatures in New York City are headed for the 70's today and tomorrow and are forecasted to reach 80 degrees on Saturday. Despite the summer like weather, it is an appropriate time to be thinking about what to wear in winter. Below are three winter items from some favorite brands that I have my eye on.

A "Top" Hat

Eric Javits has perfect summer hats. In fact they were my introduction to the brand. While I still have an Eric Javits winter hat that is in great shape, this one grabbed my attention. The style, Chain Cloche is felt and is made from sustainable wool and

cashmere. In addition to the nice gold chain, the hat is adjustable and packable. I especially like it as my preference for wearing minimalistic one color coats will get an elevated look by wearing a hat with a gold chain. The color options include black, bone and white. The price is $375.

A Lovely Scarf

Soft cashmere scarves are winter wardrobe staples. Loro Piana founded in 1924 and became part of LVMH in 2013 has magnificent cashmere products. A Loro Piana cashmere scarf is a nice way to be introduced to the company's wide ranging lines. Shown here is the Grande Cashmere Scarf listed on the Saks Fifth Avenue website in a a shade called golden.

Check it here: The Saks website shows other attractive colors such as roseberry and red orchid. The measurements are 17"wide x 69" long. The price is $600.

Loro Piano has a similar scarf with a different name on its website. It is called the Grande Unita Scarf andavailable in a number of colors including the beautiful color light blue river. The difference is the one posted on the scarf hass a meta looking tag while the one on the brand's website has the name and logo of the brand on it. Check it here: The price is $595.

And a Walkable Boot

Jimmy Choo, widely known for its glamorous leg enhancing stilettos also offers a nice selection of walkable heels. I haven't worn my Jimmy Choo style Anouk stiletto pumps for some time as shoes with a heel of almost five inches is no longer a favorite.

This CeCe 80 black leather boot looks to be a winner! Link is here: With an angular block heel, with a western flare would look fabulous and get me walking comfortably (hopefully!) around NYC. The price is $1,595.

This Jimmy Choo style is also available in a light color at Bergdorf Goodman. It looks to be an off-white color. However, the website does not provide a color for this boot. The price is $1,595.

I'm looking forward to wearing winter items once the weather gets cooler. What are some winter hats, scarves and boots you are considering?

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