• Pamela Tucker

Updated: Jun 12

#Covid19 has changed many of our weekend patterns and habits. Before the pandemic, my priorities for Saturday and Sunday mornings included going to the gym. My gym has reopened but I've opted to keep my membership frozen. Going shopping, particularly at Bloomingdale's was also part of my weekends. (But not every weekend!)

Retailers are also adjusting in areas such as how to engage with their customers in this new #Covid19 environment. It was a pleasant surprise to receive an invitation from Bloomingdale's to get moving on the first Saturday of 2021. Bloomingdale's in a partnership with Ladder Teams, (an iOS app) I participated in a live group session with enthusiastic Coach Eric and his charge. He got me moving and enjoyed it. Thank you @Bloomingdale's too.

I'm considering joining Ladder Teams. Reason for hesitation is unsure exactly how it works. The online messaging states it "connects you with elite coaches and and an entire community who will champion your success." And also states "We pair you with a coach to help you find happiness through health and wellness." Is this 1:1 training at a specific set time? (Doubt it as the price is too low for 1:1 personal training) Or, does this work by following a video and then texting a coach with questions and comments? (Maybe.) Also find the exact name of "Ladder"confusing. Is it Ladder Teams? On Instagram it is listed as @joinladder. Branding and messaging should not be a show stopper to get comfortable with this concept. Only when I'm confident with explaining how this works to others will I join.

Next steps: Reaching out to Ladder Teams to clarify how this app works. Stay tuned.

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  • Pamela Tucker

Updated: Jun 12

A big thank you to @MelissaLovy jewelry. Waking up on the first day of 2021 there was a great surprise for me in my email. Melissa's inviting me to: "Have a Coffee on Us." -- either Starbucks or Dunkin. Once I got my 10,000+ steps in picked up my coffee.

Take a look at the lid to the left. The elegant ring sitting on it was my first Melissa purchase. I've been a fan ever since.

Definitely started the new year off right!

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  • Pamela Tucker

Updated: Jun 12

Passed by this end cap rack at @Fairwaymarket New York City earlier today. The "Big sale" sign on Tates Cookies @TatesBakeShop caught my eye. A bag of cookies was reduced from $5.99 to $5.88. This is a "big sale"of 11 cents. Or, a "big" decrease of 1.8%.

If a "big sale" is lowering the price by just 1.8%, curious what just a regular sale would be.

Was at Target on the Upper East Side on the way to Fairway. It also had a sales promotion for these Tates cookies: Buy 1 bag at $5.59 and get 1 for 25% off. Now that's a "big sale!"

Lesson learned here: Do a quick calculation on your phone and see what the real savings is. Since we are approaching election season, quoting a famous politician: Trust but verify...the sales you are shown!

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