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For me, an accessory refresh is always in fashion. In a previous post I mentioned when I have promotional gift cards and the rules require the gift cards be used in a short time frame, I'll do two things: (1) Add some money to the amount of the gift cards. (2) Look at buying an item from a brand that I do not currently own. This combination leads to buying something special and I like, rather than just spending only $50 on something I don't like.

Based on a Nordstrom purchase I made in December 2022, I earned a $50 promotional gift card. It was emailed to me on January 1st and it had to be used by January 31st. One month is a short window to think about what to do with the gift card! For the departments and items I shop at Nordstrom, $50 is a negligible amount to put toward a Nordstrom purchase. Yet, it is $50 and certainly helps with any Nordstrom purchase.

In fashion related emails I receive and browsing retailers' websites, for a few years I came across the designs of the Canadian jewelry designer JENNY BIRD. She founded her company in 2008. The jewelry is contemporary and in some cases a nice twist on a classic style. After viewing the JENNY BIRD jewelry on its website, along with retailers that sell this brand, the one thing that stood out is that many of items are very shiny. That left me with an upbeat and positive feeling and I knew this brand warranted a further look.

After reading how the Company sources I was more interested in the brand. The website states: "At JENNY BIRD, it is of the utmost importance to us that our products are sourced and manufactured responsibly through ethical practices and regular audits of their factory." Also attractive is the Company donates one-percent of all sales to organizations that uplift women from our fund, the Possibilities Project."

With about five days left before the gift card expired, I scanned the Nordstrom website looking to see if it sold JENNY BIRD. I opted for earrings as that category is one I'm working on freshening up. I saw Nordstrom sold the brand and then went to the 57th Street store in New York City to look and try on. There was a just small selection of JENNY BIRD earrings and that was disappointing.

(As a side note, I find inadequate inventory levels at the 57th Street store. For example, during about a half dozen shopping trips there when I was looking to buy a suit, in certain brands such as Veronica Beard and A.L. C. I saw, for instance pants in only sizes 0 - 4 and jackets in sizes only 6 and 10. This is more of a mismatch than a suit! I like trying on the entire suit not just one piece so I did not buy anything in my size because the other suit piece was not there to try on. The store should make shopping less frustrating and place more goods on the floor.)

After reviewing the few pairs of earrings that were on display I selected a fabulous pair to try on. The sales associate helped me with the alcohol pads. I bought the double hoop earrings shown in the post. They are called "Florence" and the JENNY BIRD website describes them well: "Dramatic and voluminous, this custom design creates the illusion of two earrings stacked together. Finished in high-polish gold." (They also come in silver tone which I learned after, but I do not recall seeing them in the store, nor did I ask about that.) Price:$130. Mission accomplished. I love the ball backing design and they are comfortable.

So far so good with these beautiful earrings and therefore went to the JENNY BIRD website to see the"NEW IN" Tab. Another "Florence" piece caught my eye. This "Florence" is a gorgeous statement-necklace with large links and also finished in high-polish gold. Wearing the two "Florences" together I think would be too overwhelming. The "Florence" necklace and some other nifty JENNY BIRD pieces are on my radar for my ongoing accessory refresh.

  • Writer's picturePamela Tucker

Receiving a promotional gift card when making a purchase is a nice bonus to get from a retailer. For me, the only drawback with these gift cards is there is typically a short time frame to use them. Use it or lose it!

In December 2022, with just a few days left to use a Bloomingdale's $200 promotional gift card I set aside time and listed the criteria for using this gift card.

First, I would add up to $100 to the purchase price of the item I selected, giving me a budget of $300.

Second, the item I'd shop for would be jewelry. With this low budget I decided to focus on earrings and they'd probably be plain silver; lacking gold and gems.

Third, if possible, the brand would be one I did not own and was interested in taking a better look at and then maybe making a purchase.

During previous visits to Bloomingdale's I've admired the LAGOS pieces located in a dedicated area closer to the store's Third Avenue side. LAGOS, which has been in business since the late 1970's is known for its "Caviar" line, which I've read was introduced in the 1980's. The pieces are composed of bead like shapes. That was not the clearest way to describe "Caviar" so best to check out the LAGOS website.

While at the website, take a look at the "SMART Caviar" line. These pieces are Apple watch bracelets that are gorgeous and make the Apple watch look like a sensational piece of jewelry. (I'll have to earn a big promotional gift card to purchase one of these!)

It is usually fun to go on a shopping mission and using this Bloomingdale's promotional gift card was no different. Once at the LAGOS display cases I searched out silver hoop earrings. A sales associate quickly approached and I asked to see the pair in this post. Cleaned with an alcohol pad I tried these on and also tried a pair that was larger. There wasn't any hesitation to purchase these.

I love these earrings! They sit nicely on my ears and are a good weight, making them comfortable to wear. The earrings are versatile and I've worn them with casual outfits and also with a bit dressier clothes. I'm glad they are a part of my collection of earrings and looking forward to adding other LAGOS pieces to my jewelry box.

  • Writer's picturePamela Tucker

I continue to be fascinated by reselling my unworn or slightly worn fashions and accessories on platforms such as The Real Real, Poshmark and Mercari.

Having a full time job prevents me from devoting time to the process during the week. My fascination, which is maybe better characterized as an obsession during the weekends is mostly due to the fact that I still haven't figured out why some of my items sell and other don't. What I think would be in demand is not and what I think is a dud -- ends up selling.

With Poshmark, at times items that have been on the site for almost year some how end up selling. In other instances when a listed item gets a number of likes, moving to close the sale, I lower the price and there aren't any buyers. My pricing strategy, I believe is on the low end and furthermore the majority of my offerings include either free postage or discounted postage, a good deal for the buyer.

While Poshmark permits the seller to adjust prices and postage costs the buyer is to pay, The RealReal is in full control over the pricing and all other selling processes such as promotions. When I finally decided to part with these Jimmy Choo pumps they had been taking up space in my closet for 8 about years. Purchased in Hong Kong I wore them once. (The dress I wore these shoes with is still in my possession. It too was worn just once. Too many overbuying confessions in this post!) I opted for The RealReal to take care of the resale. With these shoes being almost a decade along, but yet a luxury brand I was unsure how to price them. These shoes, along with about a dozen more items were packed up and picked up by The RealReal and and shortly thereafter were placed on its website.

Once my items were posted, I'll admit I went to The RealReal website a few times a day to see how my items were selling. A few things surprised me.

First, using these shoes as an example, where did the initial $325 selling price come from? I think I purchased them for almost double that price.

Second, why would someone buy these shoes? Yes, they are a pretty and a bit unique style, but not a current style. Maybe the reputation of the Jimmy Choo brand, the very nice condition and the ever popular color black? Something else?

Third, all my items posted on The RealReal's website sold within a few weeks. That was great, especially since I had my doubts about others being interested in some items.

So this brings me to my questions I try to answer when listing an item, particularly on Poshmark. Who is buying these things? Obviously many are and there are different types of buyers. Retailers and brands in a range of price offerings have entered the used market and more plan to enter.

Numerous articles and different groups have published studies about the resale market. It is fast growing market, driven by concerns about sustainability, the economy and I think also it is an easy way for a buyer to express individuality. But what drives someone to buy a particular item of mine is top of mind when I work on my reselling over the weekends. Knowing these answers might help me have more success. Do you buy used items? If so, why?

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