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This is a big sale?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Passed by this end cap rack at @Fairwaymarket New York City earlier today. The "Big sale" sign on Tates Cookies @TatesBakeShop caught my eye. A bag of cookies was reduced from $5.99 to $5.88. This is a "big sale"of 11 cents. Or, a "big" decrease of 1.8%.

If a "big sale" is lowering the price by just 1.8%, curious what just a regular sale would be.

Was at Target on the Upper East Side on the way to Fairway. It also had a sales promotion for these Tates cookies: Buy 1 bag at $5.59 and get 1 for 25% off. Now that's a "big sale!"

Lesson learned here: Do a quick calculation on your phone and see what the real savings is. Since we are approaching election season, quoting a famous politician: Trust but verify...the sales you are shown!


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