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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I had typically shopped for fashion outside my neighborhood, meaning the stores

are located about a self imposed 10 blocks or so radius from my apartment. Unfortunately the number of stores in the area has dwindled so there is not much of a selection.

Compensating for the loss of shopping options, my neighborhood has expanded, with it now defined to any location where I want to walk -- and based on the day it could vary. On Saturday, a hot and humid day, decided to take a walk in the neighborhood to check out the shopping options and to see if I could find a few items.

The store visits were successful. I hadn't been to AnikNewYork, a one unit retailer located on the Upper East Side since the beginning of the pandemic. I like the trendy and less forward fashion merchandise it stocks. The fitting rooms are a nice size, but there are not any mirrors in them so you have to leave the room to get to the mirrors. I don't like doing that.

A benefit of switching up stores s is learning about new brands. While at AnikNewYork.

I came across a few brands I had not seen before. Estelle and Finn was one of those new brands. I bought a great pair of black "step-hem" styled black pants. Super fabric and perfect fit! When I got home I looked on line for some information about Estelle and Finn. Loved seeing the line is designed and made in New York City! Hoping it ramps up its website to provide more details about each of the products it offers and considers selling direct to customers via its website.

After AnikNewYork I walked a few blocks north to Mixology. With stores in New York and New Jersey this retailer focuses on a younger target market, GenZ and the Millennials. Nevertheless, the brand ZSupply caught my eye. The ZSupply cotton tee shirts felt soft to the touch. ZSupply is sold in other stores; but, it was nice to see it readily available nearby. Mixology is also stingy with mirrors. The fitting rooms are a nice size but you must leave the fitting room to see a mirror.

Overall a nice local shopping trip. What are you favorite local fashion stores?


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