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Trying new brands, especially with shoes is something I like doing. However, buying shoes online means not trying them on to feel the fit. Since I'm not keen on returning items-- takes too much time and effort, I need to be very eager to try the new brand or be in a daring mood before clicking on the shoes and buying them. About a month ago, after researching comfortable shoes, I took a leap of faith and purchased a pair of shoes from VIVAIA.

While reading various articles about comfortable shoes, I came across the brand VIVAIA. Wow there are articles aplenty written about this brand! Where

was I that I was not aware of this brand until a month ago? The articles discussed the super comfort, the range of styles and color offerings.

Particularly interesting is VIVAIA's focus on sustainability. The shoes, varying by style are made from recycled plastic bottles, hemp, rice husks, recycled faux fur and natural rubber. The packaging (shoe boxes) is made from 90% recycled cardboard and 10% regular cardboard packaging. The shoes are machine washable, though I don't think I'd ever try doing that.

In a daring mood, I dipped my toes into VIVAIA and opted for the $97 Melia style, a pointed toe d'Orsay style flat in black. Check it out: Within a week I received these shoes. I love them. Great comfortable fit and a nice deep shade. At ease with the fit, I decided to buy another pair of VIVAIA shoes. I know fit within a brand could vary among different styles, so with fingers and toes crossed I ordered the shoes shown in this post. The $129 black kitten heel named Natasha with a bow checked all the boxes: small kitten heel, pointed toe and elegant bow. See these lovely shoes above in this post.

Being eager to have these shoes, when I

received notice the order was being processed I started tracking it. Unlike other tracking updates received from other internet companies, this tracking showed the origination of the shoes.

The order tracking let me know they were in Dongguan, China. I do not know if VIVAIA manufactures in Dongguan or it is just a point in the company's logistics mission. Once I saw Dongguan I was hooked on tracking the order. Take a look at the portions I highlighted in green It is remarkable seeing the pair of shoes arrived at the airport in China, cleared US Customs and by the next day the shoes were delivered to the local courier. I love this logistics transparency!

Within a day or two, I received the shoes that were securely and efficiently packed. The outer wrap, tightly secured around the shoe box cutely announced "I'm Here." Please see photo below. Natasha is another great VIVAIA shoe for me.

It was amazing that from the time ordered, it took only about eight days to receive a pair of shoes shipped from Dongguan, China to me in New York City. The order was easy to track and of course the best part is: The shoe fits and I've been wearing and enjoying the Natasha style ever since receiving the shipment.

Do you buy shoes online? If so, do you buy brands you already own, or brands want to try? How successful are you with buying shoes without first trying them on?

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