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Updated: Jun 12, 2022

The other day Poshmark sent me an email with the message title that was new to me. "Your listing has been Reposhed. I knew reposhed / reposhing is a thing but didn't know what it meant. As with all things having to do with reselling and consignment I was eager to learn more.

Reading through the email and then looking for the item that was reposhed I learned an Alexis Bittar necklace that sold for $53 was listed for sale by the person who purchased it from me a few months ago.

The first image below is from the email and the second one shows one of the photos in my listing, along with my favorite four letter word "SOLD". The photo on the right shows the reposher used my photo. Using my photo is a great way for me to get publicity as on the bottom right of the photo is shows: Reposhed from nycolors. "nycolors" is my handle on Poshmark.

The reposhed item was sold at a lower price than what I sold the item. Interestingly, as I've found with other listings on Poshmark, the same item is offered by different sellers at different prices. Just today I saw a listing of this necklace for close to $100 on Poshmark. The condition of the item is a key driver in pricing. The condition of my necklace was very good- maybe excellent so seeing it priced for much more is a concern. In earlier posts I've written about the concerns I have with pricing my used items. Yet, decluttering is a leading reason for selling on Poshmark so no need to stress.

In Poshmark's email it points out that a benefit of reposhing is that is extends the life cycle for my item "to fuel a sustainable future." That is good news. Additionally the reposher could buy something else and enjoy something new. More good news.

Reselling, consigning and related is a hobby and I work on this during the weekends and maybe a few hours one or two nights a week. If I had more time to devote to this, I'd consider focusing on one or only a few product lines such as tops or jewelry or maybe just a particular size. This specialization might lead to creating well thought out pricing and operating strategies.

For now though, I'm curious to know what Alexis Bittar thinks about all this reposhing!


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