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In my last two posts I explained I've been using gift cards received either as gifts or through stores' promotions to buy earrings, one time at Bloomingdale's and the other time at Nordstrom. Each of these purchases were thought out ahead of going to the store. I set and followed two guidelines, including buying a brand I did not own and adding some money, at most $100 to the gift cards to buy something I'd like.

During this third gift card shopping trip, I had a collection of Saks Fifth Avenue gift cards. The sum of these gift cards was enough to consider buying jewelry from a long time favorite jewelry brand, David Yurman. Yes ,it looks like I I'm on an earrings binge as I decided to again target earrings.

This shopping trip was well planned. I have a passion for pearls. Perhaps due to the fact I was named after my great grandmother who was named Pearl! Pearls are elegant and I've read they are symbols of wisdom and love, among other interesting attributes, Reading that royalty has worn pearls for hundreds of years is intriguing. Prior to the shopping trip to the Saks Fifth Avenue Store in New York City, I looked at the store's website. Much has been written about the Saks Fifth Avenue stores and the website, operations being split in 2021. Yet, as a shopper I can't separate the two and think it is just one operation.

After looking at the David Yurman selection on I narrowed my choices down two pairs of earrings. Though websites, such as indicate if the item is available in the store, it is possible it won't be in stock and on the other hand, it could turn out to be a nice surprise the store has merchandise that is not on the website, and that becomes the purchase.

The shopping trip did not take long. I was helped by a welcoming and enthusiastic sales associate. I recall she helped me a few years ago. She did not remember me; nor did I expect her to recall helping me. I left the store, pleased with a perfect pair of pearl earrings. David Yurman refers to them as pearl and pave Solari stud earrings with diamonds. Photo above and check them out here:

This was another successful gift card shopping trip. As pointed out in my last post, based on a number of shopping visits, Nordstrom has inadequate inventory levels of merchandise in the 57th Street store. Based on about a dozen trips I've found the same situation with the Saks Fifth Avenue store on Fifth Avenue. There are a range of clothes, accessories and shoes that are best purchased in person. If buying a repeat item, or very familiar with a brand, buying online is a great convenience.

Shopping is supposed to be a simple experience and shoppers should be given the opportunity to easily discover new brands, new fashions and buy new things. Yet, with not enough in the stores I believe retailers are losing out on immediate sales and revenues down the road.

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