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Updated: Jan 28

One of yesterday’s goals was to check out Bloomingdale’s where I haven’t been in a few weeks. The trip did not disappoint. Bloomingdale’s is not top of mind for me with selling merchandise of newer /emerging designers. I think it is because their merchandise is not always given prominent space, or of course I just miss it. Yet, I do consider Bloomingdale's a leading destination for the most up to date fashions and trends. My trip yesterday introduced me to a handbag designer who was new to me. (*)

Bloomingdale’s sells handbags in different parts of the store, including the entry level space on Lexington Avenue and on the first floor where there are specific spaces for individual brands. (e.g. Burberry, Chloe, Tory Burch). There is a particular space, a few steps up from the first floor that combines a number of brands such as Callista, Themoire and MZ Wallace into one open space.

When browsing this multi brand department I like doing a full circle around before stopping and examining the products. When I entered the area during this trip I was attracted to a black tote bag by LISELLE KISS. I made a mental note to go back to take a closer look at it. Finished circling, I returned to the tote bag. I asked a sales associate for help accessing it as it was on a mannequin. She quickly came over and took one of the same tote bags from a shelf.

The LISELLE KISS tote bag was really nice! Many tote bags are clunky and /or ordinary looking. This one was elegant. The straps were an attractive shape and the bag would be multi-functional. Another great feature was the lining. It was a gorgeous silver. Linings play a key part in my decision purchase process. (That has been noted in a previous post when I wrote about my times having clothes made at Sam's Tailor in Hong Kong. Selecting the linings for jackets was a favorite part of the design process.) I liked that the lining of this tote bag was given attention and style. The inside was as nice as the outside!

While looking at the tote bag, a smiling woman introduced herself to me. The woman was LISELLE KISS. Wow! She was interested in my feedback which I gave. I was impressed with her and the handbags. One of her handbag shapes is the heart. Please refer to image in this post for that. Later in the day I went to her website to learn more about the brand. Interestingly the website states a portion of LISELLE KISS proceeds will support the A21 Campaign, a nonprofit organization that works to fight human trafficking worldwide.

I've been a Bloomingdale' shopper for years. During this shopping visit I found a new lovely brand. (* Post updated on January 28, 2024 to reflect store's inventory.)



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