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For years I've been a customer of Leather Spa, the New York City company that repairs, restores and sells cleaning products for leather shoes and bags. They have expertly fixed some of my shoes and bags that encountered some misfortunes and were in need of magical hands. The cleaning and maintenance products I buy there are easy to use at home. I also like while there is a fee charged it offers a local delivery service. So in a nutshell Leather Spa meets the needs of people seeking professional leather cleaning and convenience!

Until about a year ago I had been enjoying wearing a black Prada nylon shoulder bag. One day I noticed a small white dot directly over the Prada logo. The size, was maybe no bigger than a few pinheads. But the dot looked large to me-- as big as the bag! I tried a few ways to remove the white spot but it never disappeared. The bag was then banished to a storage bag and placed in a closet.

The other day, realizing the Prada bag was just the right size I could use these days and I was tiring of the other bags I've been wearing I grabbed the bag and tried removing the spot. No luck.

Knowing I was planning to be near the Leather Spa's West 55th Street location in a few days I left it out to remember to take it and drop it off. However, on the day I was to be in the area I decided rather than leaving the bag for Leather Spa to remove the spot and then deliver, I'd ask to buy a cleaning product to use at home.

When I entered the store Saturday morning several employees warmly greeted me. People were picking up and dropping off and fortunately the store was not too busy. I showed the expert the problematic white spot and asked which product would be best to remove it. He showed me a product and explained it might not fully remove the spot. A reason would be because it is unknown what the spot is.

I appreciated his honesty and asked if Leather Spa could try removing the spot while I waited. I wasn't going to leave the bag because I didn't have a replacement with me. I let him know I could wait for only ten minutes because I soon had to go to an appointment down the street. He took the bag in the back and within ten minutes he brought me my black nylon Prada bag that was SPOTLESS!

Relief and excitement. The bag looked great! I went to the register to pay and asked "How much?" I was told no charge. I was not expecting that response. This was a great customer experience. The problem was solved quickly and the employees were thoughtful and courteous.

Thank you Leather Spa.

Are the any service or retail companies that have surprised you by their great service or employees' attitudes?


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