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Receiving a promotional gift card when making a purchase is a nice bonus to get from a retailer. For me, the only drawback with these gift cards is there is typically a short time frame to use them. Use it or lose it!

In December 2022, with just a few days left to use a Bloomingdale's $200 promotional gift card I set aside time and listed the criteria for using this gift card.

First, I would add up to $100 to the purchase price of the item I selected, giving me a budget of $300.

Second, the item I'd shop for would be jewelry. With this low budget I decided to focus on earrings and they'd probably be plain silver; lacking gold and gems.

Third, if possible, the brand would be one I did not own and was interested in taking a better look at and then maybe making a purchase.

During previous visits to Bloomingdale's I've admired the LAGOS pieces located in a dedicated area closer to the store's Third Avenue side. LAGOS, which has been in business since the late 1970's is known for its "Caviar" line, which I've read was introduced in the 1980's. The pieces are composed of bead like shapes. That was not the clearest way to describe "Caviar" so best to check out the LAGOS website.

While at the website, take a look at the "SMART Caviar" line. These pieces are Apple watch bracelets that are gorgeous and make the Apple watch look like a sensational piece of jewelry. (I'll have to earn a big promotional gift card to purchase one of these!)

It is usually fun to go on a shopping mission and using this Bloomingdale's promotional gift card was no different. Once at the LAGOS display cases I searched out silver hoop earrings. A sales associate quickly approached and I asked to see the pair in this post. Cleaned with an alcohol pad I tried these on and also tried a pair that was larger. There wasn't any hesitation to purchase these.

I love these earrings! They sit nicely on my ears and are a good weight, making them comfortable to wear. The earrings are versatile and I've worn them with casual outfits and also with a bit dressier clothes. I'm glad they are a part of my collection of earrings and looking forward to adding other LAGOS pieces to my jewelry box.

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