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Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Love 85 pumps
Jimmy Choo

About a month ago, looking for a pair of pointed toe high heel neutral suede pumps on, I came across a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps that caught my eye.

Seeing the style was the Love 85, I knew the heel, a little more than three inches high would be manageable. When it comes to heels, a manageable height is different for each person. A while back I was able to walk in the Jimmy Choo "Anouk" pump. But this heel is no longer manageable for me. With close to a five inch heel and pointy toes, the shoes are now tucked away in my closet. They are gorgeous and I'm unable to part ways with them. A special occasion will be needed to coax me to try walking in them again! I've worn Jimmy Choo shoes for about a decade. But I just stick to the range of pumps.

The Bloomingdale's website listing for these Love 85 high heels noted these were a pre-order item so I did not spend too much time reading through the product details. However, I stayed on the page staring at the shoes because I was fascinated by the color. lists the shade as Caprgreen. The Jimmy Choo website states the color is Caper green. The website with the incorrect spelling of the color listed should consider correcting it. Caper green is difficult to describe. It is a brownish, greenish, "mustardish" combination. What I love about this color is it is a strong neutral color. It will look great with black, olive, navy and almost any other color in an outfit! Please check out the shoes on the Jimmy Choo website:

Yesterday while at Bloomingdale's I went to the Jimmy Choo area on the fifth floor. There they were-- the Caper green suede pumps. I was in a rush so I could not ask to try them on. Hopefully another time. While I do not know how they would feel on my feet, I do know I'm in love with "Love 85". What about you?



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