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When I receive promotional or rewards gift cards from retailers for shopping at their stores, I'm typically slow to redeem them. These cards have expiration dates; yet, I end up waiting until the last days to redeem them, with a preference for using them for a long lasting purchase such as a piece of jewelry or a handbag.

In a post earlier this year I wrote about using rewards cards to buy a pair of fabulous David Yurman pearl and diamond pave earrings at Saks Fifth Avenue. Link to post:

The other day, with the expiration date clock ticking for a few Saks Fifth Avenue rewards cards I went to the Fifth Avenue store with the hope of redeeming them and taking home something special. The cards had a combined value of $1,100 and I was agreeable to add about $250 to find "the" piece of jewelry.

Given the value of the cards I thought earrings would be the first product area to explore. So with a set budget I went to the David Yurman boutique on the second floor. The wait for assistance was long. However, when I was assisted the experience was fantastic and professional. I told the sales associate my budget for this purchase.

Shopping with a budget when looking at David Yurman jewelry s an odd feeling because I love almost everything I see! Yet, I wanted the sales associate to understand my thoughts so neither of us would waste time and look at pieces that would not be considered. Through our back and forth he learned about my David Yurman "collection" accumulated over the years and steered me to several pairs of earrings to examine. A few were above my budget but that was fine too. Was good to see nice designs that could consider next time.

After narrowing the potential choice to two pairs, the clear winner was the Petite Helena Wrap Hoop Earrings, that is shown in this post. The 18K yellow gold wrapping around the silver is a feature I find especially lovely and graceful. The pave diamonds are also stunning.

These earrings are perfect for everyday wear and will also coordinate with my other David Yurman jewelry. When I arrived home and looked at the business card the sales associate gave me, I noticed he is a Brand Ambassador. But most striking it was noted he is a Brand Ambassador with the credential of GIA GG. Next time when buying jewelry is on my mind, I'd shop with this David Yurman Brand Ambassador.

Shopping mission accomplished, with these three features:

  • Earrings - Love them

  • Budget - Met

  • Shopping experience - Excellent



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