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If not using the self checkout at my local CVS store, more often than not the wait to pay is more than a few minutes for a cashier to check me out. At times the wait is offputtingly long, maybe ten minutes or so because to name a few reasons, sometimes there is not even a cashier at the post, customers are returning dozens of cans and need help with that, shoppers are having transaction problems and might be experiencing issues with returning items.

CVS has a complicated coupon and promotions system. It takes time to review the offers to be sure I'm following the rules. Also CVS's errors / glitches have occurred while trying to use the coupons and promotions while checking out. Therefore, in long run, while frustrating to wait in line, interacting with a cashier might make for a smoother checkout.

In some CVS emails I receive coupons. I click where I'm directed to and the offers are sent to my extracare card. I see the check mark and made aware the coupons have been sent. I also scan my extracare card at the CVS store each time I shop. The little red scanning machine prints out coupons. Interestingly a number of the offers are items I'd never use and wonder why these coupons are sent to me.

Occasionally CVS sends coupons through the regular post office mail and I take these on the shopping trip. These mailers usually include a percentage off coupon for the total purchase, such as 25% off the total purchase. Planning and then the shopping trip to CVS takes more time when compared to shopping at other stores selling the same merchandise.

As noted above, I have to make sure the CVS coupons I sent to my card via my email are available. I need to remember to bring the coupons sent in the regular post office mail and then I have to scan my extracare card at the little red machine. But there is even more that needs to be considered when shopping at CVS!

While in the store I see CVS has offers such as buy one and get the second for 50% off. Does the 25% off total purchase coupon work if I buy just one item? I've asked that question in the store and received different answers. (1) Yes, you can buy just one and get 25% off. (2) No, you can't use the coupon and the only promotion on the item is buy one and get the second 50% off. I assume the answer is no. Once I've lined up all the coupons and see the promotions in the store I collect the items and head to the line for the cashier.

Once at the cashier, CVS presents me with another topic. At times, as the items are being scanned I see a question on the pinpad machine if I'd like to donate to a particular charity. This screen has minimal information. I'm curious why CVS is asking for donations. I like donating directly to a charity. Perhaps they could be more forthcoming. CVS is one of a number of stores I've shopped at that ask for donations on the pinpad. In this case though, since shopping at CVS is irksome and then being asked for a donation, it makes for a poor customer experience.

What do you think about stores asking for donations at the checkout ?

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