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A favorite brand --@JENNIKAYNE in the Upper East SIDE - NYC

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

The other evening was surprised to see a prime time tv advertisement for one of my favorite brands, @JenniKayne Discovered the brand at Bloomingdale's a few years ago but haven't seen it there for quite some time. Maybe I haven't looked good enough for the line and since the pandemic made just a few visits there. For Jenni Kayne fans living in New York City, there's now a store to shop on Madison Avenue. There's one in Tribeca too!

Liking Jenni Kayne is easy to do -- emphasis on great natural fabrics (especially the cashmere sweaters) simple designs and superb quality. It all looks like new even after seasons of wear.

A few favorites include:

Home products such as blankets, candles and furniture are also offered. Haven't yet explored these yet.

Jenni Kayne is California-inspired brand. Wishing it well in NYC and will be on the lookout for the next round of tv advertisements!



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