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Updated: Jan 28

With a $50 Nordstrom promotional gift card expiring at the end of this month, I recently went to the New York City Nordstrom store to use it. Fifty dollars doesn't go far. Yet, I was glad to receive it and this amount is a good start for buying something I'd like. Prior to my visit I decided to add about $250 - $300 to this gift card so a wider range of items could be in scope.

Finding comfortable shoes, even sneakers is challenging, so decided this Nordstrom trip would focus on shoes, either booties, flats or sneakers that would feel good on my feet while walking around for hours at a time.

In my April 16, 2023 post, I wrote about buying AGL Monika cap toe ballet flats at Nordstrom. They were a wise purchase as they continue being comfortable during long walks. However, it is handy to have a few more choices in my closet and therefore this visit focused on footwear.

I recalled recently reading either in an email or in a trade publication news article promoting the shoe designer Ron White and Nordstrom so I went looking for that brand's display. I browsed the offerings. I liked that the Ron White booties were light weight., which adds to comfort and a nice walking experience. The booties styles weren't what I had in mind at the time. However, noting how nice the booties felt, I shall consider the brand when buying shoes another time.

While at the display a sales associate approached me, asking if she could assist me. Once I briefed her on my requirements, she suggested to look at Paul Green sneakers. I haven't worn this brand in years and when I did they were shoes, not sneakers. My recollection was they were fine. The sales associate showed me the Paul Green display and told me about some of the features of a few of the sneaker styles. She brought out a few pairs. I loved some of the colors, especially the silver embellished style named: Rachel Sneaker. The fit was awesome and I did not want to take them off! Check them out:

However, I reluctantly decided the metalllic Rachel Sneaker is not practical for winter in New York City. I ended up buying the Hadley Platform Sneaker, a slip on sneaker in basic black leather. Though exceeding my budget, so far these are a great purchase. I wore them for three days in a row and each day walked around five miles in them. On one of these days I didn't need to go that far. But the sneakers were so comfortable I just decided to walk some more! Check them out here:

Sometimes sales associates like to push an item and / or are not interested in a customer's concerns. In other words, their footwear sales approach could be described as "one size fits all." During this shopping trip I was lucky meeting this sales associate. She pointed me in the right direction and I'm happy with the purchase. After telling her how much I liked them and I might like to buy other Paul Green sneakers in the future she suggested we keep in touch. She told me her first name and then wrote her first name and phone number on the receipt.

I'm now off to another long walk in my new Paul Green sneakers!



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