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Becoming A Poshmark Ambassador!

As noted in previous posts, though focusing on

reselling only during the weekends and just a few hours in the evening during the week, I'm intrigued by it. Not only am I decluttering, which was my main goal for trying to sell on the different reselling platforms, but I've also ended up setting other goals. I reached one of these goals last week.

Last week I became a Poshmark Ambassador! #Poshmark makes it clear what the requirements are for becoming a Posh Ambassador so I had been working on meeting the requirements. There are some benefits being a Posh Ambassador. For instance, I've noticed I've gotten new followers in recent days, many more than on pre Ambassador days. These followers are new to Poshmark. Hoping it will encourage them to post and stay with Poshmark, I've followed them back.

One of the requirements for reaching the Ambassador status is having 50 items for sale. That was a big hurdle for me. I've easily more than 50 items I'd like to declutter. However, it took me time to pick them out. I considered how easy - or difficult each is to photograph, describe, package and ship. Now there are 55+ items to sell and will be working on adding to my Poshmark closet. Stay tuned!

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